Top 10 Performance Factors for Teams


Raise your hand if you love wasting time on:

  1. Meaningless drivel.
  2. Frustrating stagnation.
  3. Superficial relationships.
  4. Worthless discussions.
  5. Trivial decisions.
  6. Mediocre results.
  7. Mundane impact.

If wasting time excites you, create a dysfunctional team.

Members of dysfunctional teams:

  1. Dread meetings before they begin.
  2. Can’t wait for meetings to end after they begin.
  3. Return to meaningful work when meetings finally end.


Motivate Employees Without Spending Big Bucks

All business owners want to get maximum value from their employees, and a bit of incremental cash can create a pleasant and fun work environment that will go a long way toward building an engaged, energetic workforce that is eager to collaborate, not just cooperate. But providing motivation in the form of regular bonuses or raises is not always feasible.

Here are a few inexpensive ways you can make your office a happier, more creative, and more productive place to work.


Instead of putting out another memo on, say, tips for search engine optimization or closing a sale, get an expert to come in and truly engage your employees. Numerous services provide entertaining lecturers by educators, media members, executives, or consultants, who can cover any business-related topic. Demonstration- and activity-based learning have proved to be far more effective than merely reading; and participating in an educational session makes it even more likely that your employees will actually implement what they have learned. What’s more, hearing creative solutions from other companies or industries may spark ideas that can translate to your own business.

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Work Life Balance- Ernst and Young (via Obtuz Innovations)


Image by Education and the Workforce

At the age of 24, I could have never imagined that I would be getting such huge responsibility in family and at the place I work. Things happened so faster that I didn’t realize the time and its effect on recent future. Everything is fine except some work-life balance. I have been learning it from my past experiences and suggestion from the people whom I believe easily.

Maintaining work-life balance in once life is very important. My only questions is : Who are the people you are earning for? You spend 70% of the time of your life in office or in effort to earn. So maintain the good relation and let the people enjoy your earning. 🙂

Another Video Online which emphasizes on maintaining work-life balance. I really appreciate the idea of working from home options and flexible working hours. It certainly increases the efficiency. When the employees are happy with their life and they are more satisfied with the family affairs, they would devote more time and attention towards work. Very few employer … Read More

via Obtuz Innovations