Another Mission Announced to Clean Indian Politics

Even before his ongoing fast could come to an end, Anna Hazare on Saturday announced he would soon launch another campaign to ensure that no tainted leader gets elected to the next Lok Sabha. Speaking after more than 38 hours, Anna declared he would tour the country and appeal to citizens to be wary of such leaders in the 2014 general elections.

In his second address of the day within two hours, Anna said people’s high expectations from MPs were routinely belied.

Taking the dais around 9 am – a good two hours before his usual time of appearance over the last three days – a resolute and confident Anna declared he will continue his campaign for a strong anti-corruption law till his last breath. Asking people to remain vigilant after the ongoing campaign winds up, the 74-year-old said blind trust on MPs had brought the country to the current pass. “We trusted these people to abide by the Constitution. Now that we have woken up, let us not fall asleep again or let complacency seep in.”

With fears about his health taking centrestage, Anna also tried to reassure his supporters, saying he could fast for another “three-four days” and “nothing will happen to me”. He also said, “I am drawing energy from my supporters. I will not break my fast till Jan Lokpal Bill is brought before the House.” However, he had relented by the end of the day and is all set to break his fast at 10 am on Sunday.

A little before noon, while leader of OppositionSushma Swaraj, was speaking during the Lokpal Bill debate in Lok Sabha, Anna again took the microphone and launched another attack on MPs. This time, his body language, too, was confident, as parliamentary approval for his demands increasingly seemed a certainty. He even got up to greet actor Aamir Khan and director Raju Hirani, something he had never done in the past. He looked fresher, and with his trademark cap making a comeback, seemed dressed for the occasion.

“We had some expectations from our MPs. They did not live up to them. In the coming elections, we are not going to elect them. Next time, do not elect them as they are not performing according to the rules laid out in the Constitution,” he said.

“I will tour the country and appeal to people to not elect the people who opposed the Jan Lokpal Bill,” Anna said.