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Obtuz Innovations – Watch Movies Online

I am a blogger addict and its my one of the badly addicted hobbies. Initially I was not aware of the potential of blogging and used to do just for fun and sharing things with the people.

I always wished to have my own domain name and website. With li’l investment, I got my first domain name www.obtuz.in one year ago and since then I have been blogging on it. I did personal blogging on it for a long time till June 2011 by sharing information, music, videos etc with friends but it was without any focus. “Blogging must have a focus.” I knew this fact but was not sure what should be .

One day while going through the admin panel, I realized that I got more than 200 visitors till now and out of which media related contents got most of the reaction from the visitors. I experimented by sharing more media content and it came with flying colors. Everyday I got happy to see the responses coming from the visitors which inspired me to share more and more content.

Watching Movies Online was one the most responded content I observed and started sharing such stuffs. You can see the result below. This is the average traffic which I have been getting now on weekly basis. 10000+ Pageview per day and 4500+ unique visitors everyday for last two months.

I don’t fine good sharing the Adsense revenue as per the Google policy. However I can say that its feel-good.

Some Stats :

Alexa Rank: ~ 200500
Alexa Rank India ~ 14000
Google Page Rank ~ 2
Unique Visitors ~ 4500 per day
Pageview ~ 10000+ per day







I would like to thank my visitors who are getting benefited by the website and enjoying their every visit with some new updates.
Hopefully the unique visits and pageview will increase dramatically by twice in numbers in coming months and we will cross the bench mark of 20000 Unique page view per day.

Now apart from Obtuz Innovations, I have got one personal blog Just Pressed and one wordpress I have Just Pankaj

I am learning the SEO and would like to apply it in couple of weeks from now which will result in getting the website in below 1 Lac Alexa rank category.

Pankaj Sharma