Vodafone Losing Network – Losing Customers

I have been using Vodafone network for last 10 years and hopefully they have awarded me a Platinum Customer Status as I never failed to make payment in the entire history. Based on the experience, I had in past with Vodafone, I choose this network when I moved to NCR 4 years ago. Everything was going fine till now.

But suddenly, VodafoneIN has taken its focus away from consumers. They have now been focusing on making quick bucks instead of offering quality services as they were doing in past.

Recently I faced two issues, MAJOR ISSUES I would rather prefer to call, regarding Payment and Subscriptions, and Network.

Unnecessarily, I had to pay for making sms to my contacts for 4 days despite using their Bonus SMS Pack. The reason which they cited behind the unnecessary cost to me was that they were not able to track my payment for Bonus card. That was impossible.

I made a single transaction for Rs 144 (95 Internet Pack 2GB + 49 SMS pack) from my bank account. They said that they got the payment for 95 and DID NOT receive the payment of 49. Is it possible anyway?

I don’t think so.

I called customer services and they asked me to wait for 4 hours. Each time I called they asked me to wait and registered a complaint against it.

I was losing money every day on SMS nonetheless I had subscribed for SMS pack.

I called their supervisors and discussed it. THEN I found that they had not registered any single complaint in my account. STRANGE.

After a long discussion for Just a SMS pack which cost only 49 bucks, they asked me to recharge again.
But Never responded on what to do with the money I had been losing in absence of it.

More over the NETWORK issue. I usually referred their services for last 4 years on having strong network and never out of reach. I recommended its corporate connection which the organization I worked for.

Now I am a victim of POOR NETWORK. I talk to clients over phone most of the time and now a days I am not able to complete a single call in one go. After every two min, exchange of voice is disrupted and call gets disconnected. Again I have to call it and apologize for having bad signal.

Why should I apologize to them for having a bad connection? VodafoneIN should do it. They are having this bad network now.

Solution is to switch to another provider which I don’t want to. I have reputation with Vodafone then why should not they offer me a good network. Don’t you think they should not lose their old customers and care for them?

Instead of talking to me over this issue, their customer service staffs (which they can track from the tagging done in my account) disconnected calls many times after keeping me on long hold. I hardly talk to them harshly as I can understand their situation but is this a way to offer service?

I am not sure what action should I take on it? In a fix before making any move.

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Dear HP: Please Keep Making Those CrunchPads! Er…TouchPads (via TechCrunch)

HP decided to shutdown it webOS operations and support and slashed HP touchpads for $99. Now the demand has increased such a high that HP can rethink of building it once again. Apps developers have come forward as people have the hardware to run it now.
Tech Guys have gone crazy about the $99 touchpad. In my group of 400 people, 102 touchpads were purchased and to my surprise the company Barnes and Noble cancelled few of the orders later that evening just due to unavailability of the products.
You might not have seen such a massive sale of any technical product in recent past or I would rather say in history. Unfortunately I could not purchase one as before making payment, a pop up came and said “Oops, you can not purchase it, the item has been removed from your shopping cart”. and when I returned back to the website, it was out of stock.

Anyways, it has proved the market situation where people are ready to have their second touchpad if the price goes low.

I am not sure whether HP would re-think on supporting webOS or android would take it over here on. But this was one the historic decision from the House of HP.

Back in the Summer of 2008, when there was still a glimmer of innocence and belief in the fundamental goodness of people in this young blogger's mind, I decided that I wanted a touchscreen tablet. Something like the screen side of a Macbook Air, plus a touch screen. It would mostly be for "couch" computing, I said. although I also meant "bathroom" computing. Here's that post, titled We Want A Dead Simple Web Tablet For $200. Help Us Build It. At … Read More

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Most Watched Movies Links

The links mentioned below are the latest and most watched movies  of last two months. I have collected the links and posted here.

You can press CLTR+F and search your movie with one word of its name and you would find that movie.

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Just married to WordPress

This is the first time I am writing any blog on wordpress.com. I have been using blogger.com for a long time and now I have decided to give wordpress.com a try.

I am thinking of changing the font but not getting any clue about it. Recently I heard that wordpress has some option from where we can easily design the new theme and process it for the web blog. But unfortunately I am not able to find it now.
Hopefully wordpress people will be able to help with these stuff.

Hello world!

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Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can alway preview any post or edit you before you share it to the world.