Burning Issue In India–Anti-Corruption Movement (via Obtuz Innovations)

I have never been in support of Anna Hazare however I have been supporting the anti-corruption movement since beginning. Their is no reason to go beyond the system and act like Maoist. If you feel the guts, just come to Govt and try not to do what this useless Govt is doing.

Burning Issue In India–Anti-Corruption Movement In recent times in India, it's a time when the people have raised their voice for a common cause "Corruption". Everyone is shouting against the crappy government. Some due to personal reasons and few of them are raising their voices for actual cause "The Lokpal Bill" which center-ruling UPA government is reluctant to implement in the system. This is a kind of constitutional change which the common man wants to be implemented. One of my friend got … Read More

via Obtuz Innovations