Top 10 Performance Factors for Teams


Raise your hand if you love wasting time on:

  1. Meaningless drivel.
  2. Frustrating stagnation.
  3. Superficial relationships.
  4. Worthless discussions.
  5. Trivial decisions.
  6. Mediocre results.
  7. Mundane impact.

If wasting time excites you, create a dysfunctional team.

Members of dysfunctional teams:

  1. Dread meetings before they begin.
  2. Can’t wait for meetings to end after they begin.
  3. Return to meaningful work when meetings finally end.


Raat bari mushkil se sulaya hai kud ko Farraz,

Raat bari mushkil se sulaya hai kud ko Farraz,

Apni aankho ko terey khwabon ka lalach dekar .

रात बड़ी मुश्किल से  सुलाया है खुद को फ़राज़ ,

अपनी आँखों को तेरे ख्वाबों का लालच देकर !!