Launch of another Movie Site

For last few days, I had been working on a project to launch a movie site where Internet surfers can visit and watch movies online. Live streaming has been a daunting task for a long time but it’s the era of High-Speed Broadband and 4G Internet speed ventures. Nothing comes static. Its always live streaming.

Recently I visited one of my friends dorm. I was amazed to see that he does not have any TELEVISION but he enjoys every show and every movie. Has an Internet connection with large screen LCD monitor. When I wished to watch a movie, the movie name jumped out of my throat and he searched it on Google. Live streaming was wonderful without any delay or lag.

During this what I noticed was he had hard times finding the movie with Good Links. All the link he started using went in to vein till the time he found the last one where he stopped and started watching. A need of   Movie link collection ( with GOOD LIVE LINKS) was in front of me which inspired me to jump in to the market and make a collection of Links with Good Movies Online.

Hence the site came into existence and now another site which is geo-focus . Initially it was just a fun. I went through several sites and collected the live links and started posting on my website.

Few days later, I realize the traffic reaching my website. Someday it was 12000 page view in a day. An internet marketer ( who is my very close friend) saw the site and was amazed to see that within few months I got Google Page Rank 2 and Alexa website rank at under 2 Lac which was an amazing experience. Especially it has been achieved without SEO.

Now a days I am learning Search Engine Optimization which will help growing my Hobby Generated Website to a new milestone.

Post your valuable comments below.

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