Writing Feedback Email – No matter what it is all about.

Many a time we need to write feedback about things happening around us. To be sure, it’s easier to write a compliment because you are already feeling good about the product/service and that feeling translates well as content in the letter.

Here are some basics to follow when writing feedback:

1. Be interesting
2. Be informative
3. Be coherent
4. Use basic rules of grammar and spelling
5. Get to the point

Now, it is understood that customers aren’t required to follow ANY of the above suggestions when writing or giving feedback to companies. If someone is really angry and slams his fist on the counter and even uses a few cuss words, that don’t make their complaint any less valid. Still, it’s a lot easier for companies to address concerns and issues when the customer follows those guidelines…if for no other reason than it’s easier to understand just what is the nature of the problem.

In my previous history as an executive in operations, I dealt with every kind of complaint imaginable. I’ve had people threaten to hit me (gee, hit MOI?), scream in my face, hit the wall, throw things at me…the list goes on. I’ve also had folks be calm, reasonable, and coherent and not ask for the sun, moon and sky as a resolution. In all but the very extreme cases I was able to find some sort of resolution; even with folks who started out as completely belligerent jerks. But I must say that I almost always gave those who were calm and coherent more than what they were looking for…if for no other reason than out of sheer gratitude for how they chose to handle the situation.

As a consumer, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t receive satisfaction when something was wrong with a product/service that I purchased. I’ve never felt the need to go ballistic on a service rep or manager. I’ve always thought that the way I handled myself during the complaint process had a lot to do with how that complaint was eventually handled.

As customers, we aren’t required to worry about how the business is going to handle our behavior. But it does help to think about how best to approach such matters. Just a thought…


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