Strong tremors of Earthquake rocked Delhi-NCR

Strong Earthquake rocked Delhi and NCR region after a severe bomb blast this morning at Delhi High Court. According to the New Agencies, death toll in blast took it to 11 with 50+ severe injuries. Delhi was morning in the shock of Blast and atmosphere was quite tense today when people in deep sleep woke up with tremors of earthquake few minutes ago.

11:30 PM September 7,2011 Wednesday

IANS Report says the magnitude was 6.6.
Date of Occurrence: 07/09/2011
Time: 23:28:18.0 HRS(IST)
Intensity: SLIGHT
Magnitude: 4.2
Epicentre: Lat. 28.6°N Long. 77.0°E
More reports to follow….

2 thoughts on “Strong tremors of Earthquake rocked Delhi-NCR

  1. People are aware of the dangers of earthquakes only when a major disaster has occurred. Auite a few buildings in India’s cities are prone to earthquake damage. Village homes are relatively safer because most of them are of low rise and are constructed with thick walls using traditional technique and materials.

    Engineers and architects say that old buildings can be retro-fitted to make them less prone to earthquake damage but the progress of retro-fitting is almost zero. many new buildings in the cities and most of the major civil engineering projects like Metro Rail have adequate earthquake protection built into them.

    There is need for increased public awareness. Disaster management training and education are in their infancy in India. More work is needed in this regard. Scientists and architects should come forward with cost effective techniques and alternative building materials for use by the poor and the middle class people. Also, insurance companies should come forward with low premium insurance plans for covering disaster losses.
    Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srrivastava, C3, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India, 8 Sept, 11

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