Google Apps Has 40M Users

It was early 2000 when I accessed by google account for the first time. At that time I was completely infant to internet and computer technology. I just knew that to access anything on web, you needed to open and then type whatever the address you wanted to access. In late 2000 I got my first email ID created and since then I have been using Google.
Now a days, Google has become everything for me. Right from my morning alarm clock to Newspaper to My daily schedule management to my budget management , Day Presentation, Homework on my Business and work, etc . Google has defined the way we do the business and live the life connected to internet. Its synchronization technology helps me to keep my all engagements synchronized within my Blackberry, Notebook and Outlook and I don’t have do update my records all the time by login on to my computer. I can do every remotely from anywhere. Thanks to Google.

Eric Schmidt: Google Apps Has 40M Users; Adding 5K Companies Per Day Google’s Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt took the stage at CRM giant Salesforce’s annual conference Dreamforce this evening. Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff is interviewing Schmidt. Google’s chairman started out with complimenting Salesforce how they’ve managed to become a company that defines modern enterprise computing, and that the company has the ‘best vision for how enterprises will organize themsel … Read More

via TechCrunch

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