Did you know that the Japanese Shinkansen train was late for a total of 0.6 seconds in 2010?

In 2004, due to typhoons, the Shinkansen total annual delays were 42 seconds. It was a disgrace to Japan. (source)

If a train were to be late for 5 minutes, everyone receives a free journey and an apology from the conductor. If a train is delayed 10 minutes, it would be in the newspaper.

So to say train delays are serious business would be an understatement. And last week, knowing what I knew about trains and average delays, I began snapping the following photos, unfolding in time, to mark the first major delay of a Japanese Shinkansen in 2011.

Obtuz Innovations

Obtuz Innovations

I am glad to announce that we have reached the set target for this month. Now the Alexa Rank for our website www.obtuz.in has come down to 200K. It has given me a motivation and boost to make it more popular and we are working on it.

The next set target would be 160K by the end of this month October. Lets work harder and get it done.

Few Stats about the website :


Micromax to launch Gingerbread Smartphone – A 85 Superphone

After releasing Andro A60 and A70 smartphone powered by Android 2.2 (froyo) which created a buzz with cheap mobile phone earlier,Now Micromaxis working on its other smartphone A85 to make a mark in the Android space with a high end phone.The striking features of this smartphone is that it runs on Android 2.3(gingerbread) and powered by a dual core NVIDIA Tegra T20 processor with 512 MB of RAM.This phone will provide a 3.7 to 4 inch capacitive (480 x 800 pixel) display with rear camera of 5 megapixel and VGA camera at the front for video calling enabliing its user to record video upto 720p (HD).According to the leaked specs, the A85 is set to feature 3G connectivity although no word is out yet on its Wi-Fi capabilities. It also features a WAP 2.0 HTML browser. It will come with on board storage upto 8GB and expandable upto 32GB.To compete with the other android phones ,Micromax will launch this phone to prove it as the game changer for Micromax. A85 is expected to be launched later this month with a price tag between Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000 in India.

“Micromax A85 will most likely feature an 8 megapixel camera and will be launched by year end at a price ranging between Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000 in India,” sources familiar with the development told The Mobile Indian.

Facebook f8: Zuckerberg announces revamp – Changed Interface

Facebook has radically redesigned its profile page, launching ‘timeline’ – a new way of telling the story of your life on a single page and will now allow users to listen to music, watch films and read news without leaving the site.

Announcing the raft of changes at f8, Facebook’s annual developers conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief executive, said: “Millions of people curate stories of their lives on Facebook every day and have no way to share them once they fall off your profile page…we have been working on ‘timeline’ all year…it’s the story of your life and completely new way to express yourself.

“It has three pieces: all your stories, your apps and a new way to express who you are.”

Zuckerberg said he wanted people to be able to share “their entire lives” on Facebook and have “total control” over how their content appeared online. Using his own profile to demonstrate the new timeline, Zuckerberg showed photos of himself as a baby which he has inserted into the new profile page which is organized by years. ‘Timeline’ will be rolled out over the next “few weeks”.

He said that he wanted people to “fill in the gaps” so that all users’ personal information was on their Facebook profile.

At the conference, which was live streamed to thousands of people around the world, Zuckerberg, also announced a series of partnerships with music, media and games companies –including Spotify, Netflix, Zynga [the maker of Farmville] and The Washington Post. The new developments will allow users to listen to songs, watch movies and read news content, without leaving Facebook, from today onwards.

The addition of content to Facebook is the first time the social network has directly enabled users to access content via an app without leaving the website.

Zuckerberg said that the company was focusing on making a “new class of apps” which would bring content directly into the Facebook news feed. Calling it the ‘open graph’, Zuckerberg said the new way of interacting with apps in the news feed would be “frictionless”.

Early reaction from technology analysts has been positive, with many agreeing that the changes have once again upped Facebook’s advantage over Google in the social space – however, privacy concerns will remain.

“With its new ‘timeline’ and app changes that bring real time discovery of content and activities, Facebook is positioning itself as not just your social graph online, but your life online. These changes not only help trump rival Google, but will open up new opportunities for marketers with new kinds of customer experiences, long term engagement, advertising, and customer intelligence – but concerns around privacy and immaturity in how to do these things effectively will make it a slow go,” said Sean Corcoran, a technology analyst for Forrester.

Google launched a new social network, Google+, earlier this year, to rival Facebook. It now has more than 25 million members and has been praised for its privacy settings and neat design.

Users of the social network will now be able to do more than just ‘like’ something. The social network has now added ‘verbs’ to its language. People will now be able to say they have ‘watched’ a movie or ‘cooked’ a meal.

Facebook, which has more than 750 million members, also announced that it had broken a web record for a non search engine site, attracting half a billion users in one day.

Motivate Employees Without Spending Big Bucks

All business owners want to get maximum value from their employees, and a bit of incremental cash can create a pleasant and fun work environment that will go a long way toward building an engaged, energetic workforce that is eager to collaborate, not just cooperate. But providing motivation in the form of regular bonuses or raises is not always feasible.

Here are a few inexpensive ways you can make your office a happier, more creative, and more productive place to work.


Instead of putting out another memo on, say, tips for search engine optimization or closing a sale, get an expert to come in and truly engage your employees. Numerous services provide entertaining lecturers by educators, media members, executives, or consultants, who can cover any business-related topic. Demonstration- and activity-based learning have proved to be far more effective than merely reading; and participating in an educational session makes it even more likely that your employees will actually implement what they have learned. What’s more, hearing creative solutions from other companies or industries may spark ideas that can translate to your own business.

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Launch of another Movie Site

For last few days, I had been working on a project to launch a movie site where Internet surfers can visit and watch movies online. Live streaming has been a daunting task for a long time but it’s the era of High-Speed Broadband and 4G Internet speed ventures. Nothing comes static. Its always live streaming.

Recently I visited one of my friends dorm. I was amazed to see that he does not have any TELEVISION but he enjoys every show and every movie. Has an Internet connection with large screen LCD monitor. When I wished to watch a movie, the movie name jumped out of my throat and he searched it on Google. Live streaming was wonderful without any delay or lag.

During this what I noticed was he had hard times finding the movie with Good Links. All the link he started using went in to vein till the time he found the last one where he stopped and started watching. A need of   Movie link collection ( with GOOD LIVE LINKS) was in front of me which inspired me to jump in to the market and make a collection of Links with Good Movies Online.

Hence the site www.obtuz.in came into existence and now another site which is geo-focus www.onlinemovies.obtuz.in . Initially it was just a fun. I went through several sites and collected the live links and started posting on my website.

Few days later, I realize the traffic reaching my website. Someday it was 12000 page view in a day. An internet marketer ( who is my very close friend) saw the site and was amazed to see that within few months I got Google Page Rank 2 and Alexa website rank at under 2 Lac which was an amazing experience. Especially it has been achieved without SEO.

Now a days I am learning Search Engine Optimization which will help growing my Hobby Generated Website to a new milestone.

Obtuz Innovations – Adsense Overview

Obtuz Innovations – Watch Movies Online

I am a blogger addict and its my one of the badly addicted hobbies. Initially I was not aware of the potential of blogging and used to do just for fun and sharing things with the people.

I always wished to have my own domain name and website. With li’l investment, I got my first domain name www.obtuz.in one year ago and since then I have been blogging on it. I did personal blogging on it for a long time till June 2011 by sharing information, music, videos etc with friends but it was without any focus. “Blogging must have a focus.” I knew this fact but was not sure what should be .

One day while going through the admin panel, I realized that I got more than 200 visitors till now and out of which media related contents got most of the reaction from the visitors. I experimented by sharing more media content and it came with flying colors. Everyday I got happy to see the responses coming from the visitors which inspired me to share more and more content.

Watching Movies Online was one the most responded content I observed and started sharing such stuffs. You can see the result below. This is the average traffic which I have been getting now on weekly basis. 10000+ Pageview per day and 4500+ unique visitors everyday for last two months.

I don’t fine good sharing the Adsense revenue as per the Google policy. However I can say that its feel-good.

Some Stats :

Alexa Rank: ~ 200500
Alexa Rank India ~ 14000
Google Page Rank ~ 2
Unique Visitors ~ 4500 per day
Pageview ~ 10000+ per day







I would like to thank my visitors who are getting benefited by the website and enjoying their every visit with some new updates.
Hopefully the unique visits and pageview will increase dramatically by twice in numbers in coming months and we will cross the bench mark of 20000 Unique page view per day.

Now apart from Obtuz Innovations, I have got one personal blog Just Pressed and one wordpress I have Just Pankaj

I am learning the SEO and would like to apply it in couple of weeks from now which will result in getting the website in below 1 Lac Alexa rank category.

Pankaj Sharma

PayPal to Offer Mobile Payments

EBay‘s PayPal soon will launch mobile payments, barcode scanning via a handheld device (not limited to phones), store inventory lookup, and location-based deals, the company said in a blog post complete with a sneak preview video. The new features are design merce market, as well as start-ups like Square, whose technology allows anyone to turn a mobile phone into a credit card processor.

PayPal Mobile

Read more about Square.) Thompson wrote: “We all know that shopping is fun but paying is not. Nobody likes to stand in line. Nobody likes waiting for their bill at the restaurant. At PayPal, we want to free you from the cash register.” Another new feature will let customers pay for goods using just their name and telephone number, Sam Shrauger, PayPal’s vice president of global product and experience, told Bloomberg. The feature should help companies convert those just browsing into actual buyers: Shrauger said offering to let a customer pay on a mobile phone with two clicks converted 34 percent more surfers to buyers. It also spiked the number of clients paying via PayPal by as much as 65 percent. PayPal will also give customers more flexibility, letting them decide how to pay for purchases after they’ve made them. Buyers will be able

to use PayPal Credit to make payments in installments (PayPal also owns Bill Me Later, which has finance fees and late charges similar to a credit card). Buyers also can opt to use a credit card or bank account. PayPal will test the features with 20 merchants before the end of this year, and expects a wide release in the spring and summer of 2012.

ed to help businesses “give their customers a much better shopping and buying experience through PayPal,” blogged the company’s president, Scott Thompson. (They’re also designed to help EBay compete with Amazon.com in the e-com