Dear HP: Please Keep Making Those CrunchPads! Er…TouchPads (via TechCrunch)

HP decided to shutdown it webOS operations and support and slashed HP touchpads for $99. Now the demand has increased such a high that HP can rethink of building it once again. Apps developers have come forward as people have the hardware to run it now.
Tech Guys have gone crazy about the $99 touchpad. In my group of 400 people, 102 touchpads were purchased and to my surprise the company Barnes and Noble cancelled few of the orders later that evening just due to unavailability of the products.
You might not have seen such a massive sale of any technical product in recent past or I would rather say in history. Unfortunately I could not purchase one as before making payment, a pop up came and said “Oops, you can not purchase it, the item has been removed from your shopping cart”. and when I returned back to the website, it was out of stock.

Anyways, it has proved the market situation where people are ready to have their second touchpad if the price goes low.

I am not sure whether HP would re-think on supporting webOS or android would take it over here on. But this was one the historic decision from the House of HP.

Back in the Summer of 2008, when there was still a glimmer of innocence and belief in the fundamental goodness of people in this young blogger's mind, I decided that I wanted a touchscreen tablet. Something like the screen side of a Macbook Air, plus a touch screen. It would mostly be for "couch" computing, I said. although I also meant "bathroom" computing. Here's that post, titled We Want A Dead Simple Web Tablet For $200. Help Us Build It. At … Read More

via TechCrunch

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